If you are interested in leasing please fill out the form below:

    You are applying to be placed into consideration to become an Independent Contractor Lease Driver with Desert Cab LLC Operations Series
    The following is a list of employee benefits that, as an Independent Contractor, I will not be afforded:
    Health Insurance Benefit
    Worker’s Compensation
    Bonus Programs
    Paid Time Off
    Or another benefit that Desert Cab LLC Operations Series may offer to its Employees.
    As an Independent Contractor with Desert Cab, I will be responsible to pay all Income and Payroll taxes owed, including (but not limited to) Federal Income Taxes, Taxes on Tips as per the current agreement between Desert Cab Inc. and the Internal Revenue Service, and both sides (employer and employee) of FICA Taxes.  In any event, it is recommended that you consult with your tax professional for guidance.