Liben Shimels (Driver), dress shirt, stylish black vest, professional driver with skills straight out of an action movie, took the most direct route (no cabbie flim-flam), no cell phone chatter (in a language I don’t understand), professional, courteous, jumped out and opened doors with a smile.

Note to the employer – Liben is a rock star cabbie. I wish I had put his cell number into my contacts (in case I get accidently caught up in a bank heist and need to make a fast getaway).

Kudos – After my Yelp post, the manager of Desert Cab, Jesse, sent me a personal message. He said he’ll hook me up with my favorite cab driver on my next trip to Vegas, which is soon.

Took a chance on these guys and glad I did. Had to call a cab for a client to go to the airport. The driver was early and very polite. Will definitely use these guys again next time I need a taxi. Thank you!

These guys were on it! I could tell on the phone they were busy, but they were also friendly and got a cab to me quickly! Super clean car. Friendly driver. Other companies said “we’ll try.” This company said “we can!” and delivered! Thanks!!!

Really friendly on the phone. I called twice and spoke to two different people and they were both very helpful and informative. That hasn’t really been the case with all of the cab companies I’ve called in this town. They said the wait was anywhere between 5-60 mins and thankfully the driver came in 15 minutes. He got me from the west side to Container Park in about 16 minutes, which is pretty amazing. The driver was also very friendly and the cab was clean and comfortable. The cab I had to take back home later that night was from another company and it was not clean, the driver was smelly, and he kept turning the AC off during the drive, while it was still like 90+ degrees outside. So as a comparison, the experience with Desert cabs was much better and simpler. I’ll be calling Desert Cabs from now on (or at least until Uber comes to Vegas!)

August 12th, 2014 9:51 am I’ve been a customer of Desert Cab Co. for over a year. I use a mobile wheel chair and the Special Service Vehicle drivers are the greatest. They are always on time to pick me up and I’ve never had a problem being late to a doctor’s appt. I love everyone at the company from the dispatchers to the reservationist to the drivers :O)